im smol mango

Hallo, friends! The name is Smol.

S m o l  M a n g o .

Lol, so I'm just another an eccentric little technophile residing in The Philippines! Tiny person, big dreams. I do digital design for a living, study and invest in crypto currency technologies for fun and profit alike, as well as write stories, draw sometimes, and play games to maintain my sanity!

You might notice that I've a tendency to frequently dye my hair a vibrant variety, but don't let that alarm you. I'm generally harmless. Whatever they tell you, it's probably not as bad as it might seem.

Anyway! So, I'll be dumping some of my writing, drawings and photography here probably. I offer digital design orders for layout and print, so just drop me a message for a quote! PLEASEHIREMELOL

Oh! And for anyone who's interested in some online moneymaking, I consult with partners eager to learn about and invest in bitcoins as well, so maybe I'll share a little of what I know about cryptos here, too.

So yeah, you can expect a variety of content as diverse and ever changing as my own hair color. Hope you're cool with that. In any case, welcome!

And enjoy your stay~


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