The Baguio Series: Pt 1 | Actually Getting There

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I have got to admit that one of my all-time favorite getaway spots in the Philippines is Baguio. Aside from the fact that I absolutely love strawberries and can’t get enough of the local strawberry jam, Baguio is unquestionably beautiful and the chilly weather is just perfect for my style. And honestly speaking, that’s not even half of the reason why I adore the place so much.

That’s why I’ve prepared a series of posts covering a couple of tips and a couple more stories about my own trip there with my family and loved ones! So go on and check them out when all of them get published, yeah?

For now, let’s start with the first part! Just follow the link below while I run you through a summary of what you can expect on the other side.

Part 1: Actually Getting There

  • How to get to Baguio
  • Transport options for getting around the city
  • Stuff to remember before you head out for your trip
  • Bonus: what you can expect when you arrive
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